The Church of St. Martin is the central sacral building in the middle of Bamberg. Its unique architectural features and acoustics make it not only the spiritual but also the artistic centre and the focal point for church music. The best of the great instruments by Georg Friedrich Steinmeier from 1894 has a remarkable range of colours, derives from late German romanticism but is also suitable for many compositions from the baroque and modern periods. For small ensembles and as a continuo instrument, a chest organ by Hey has been in use since 2016. In 2014, a concert series called « Music in St. Martin’s » was launched with the Bavarian Minister of Health, Malenie Huml, assuming the patronage. The series offers organ music in the main, but also organ in combination with other instruments and song. One focus in the programmes derives from the proximity of Bohemia, and the contact to Czech musicians as well as the fact that Bamberg is the partner town of Prague Old Town. The organ series comprises nine evening concerts per year.

Artistic advisor and organiser: Prof. DDr. Ulrich Theißen, in cooperation with Förderverein St. Martin Bamberg e.V.
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The Brno organ festival has taken place every year since 1981 and has become a showcase for top players of all generations from around the world. Under the artistic direction of the well-known Brno organist Hana Bartošová, the concert programmes present an attractive cross-section of organ works from the Baroque to the 21st century. The festival is one of the popular events which regularly enrich life in Brno on June evenings. The long period of its existence proves that organ music in Brno and surroundings is constantly in the public eye and attracts listeners from all age groups.

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Hana Bartošová


The festival Vivat varhany (Long live the organ) originated in 2010 and is devoted to celebrated, mostly Czech organists.
The Genius loci of the town, together with its remarkable range of instruments, makes it an ideal place for organ concerts.
The festival is organized by the civic organization Czech Culture.

Slavonice is a noteworthy town, one of the Renaissance highpoints of southwestern Moravia; the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with its dominant urban tower, is located between two squares.

Contact: Ilona Hronková, e-mail:, ph: +420 777616888
Head of Arts: Jan Páleníček, e-mail:, ph: +420 777838016

WÜRZBURG, Kirchenmusik Mariannhill

The Würzburg abbey "Mariannhill" organises organ, choral and orchestral concerts; a particular feature is the Steinmeyer organ (III/55) which was completed in 1949. This instrument is known far beyond the region as one of the most important examples of organ manufacture in the post-war period and it draws visitors from all over the world.

The concert series was founded in 1999 by church organist Rudolf Müller to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of the organ. Apart from the numerous appearances of guest organists from Europe, the annual concert series "The organ for children" and the improvisation concerts held before Christmas are a permanent fixture in the Mariannhill musical programme.