was founded by MusicEnterprise (Geoff Piper) in 2013. As Geoff lives in Luxembourg and maintains close links with many Czech professional musicians, the idea of an exchange between Luxembourg and Czech musicians goes back many years but the emphasis on the organ came much later with the active support of several members of the Amis de l'Orgue , Luxembourg, This association holds « auditions » for visiting organists throughout the year. The many concerts which have taken place under this scheme will be found below under "Archives".

In the other direction, it is usually necessary to have a special contact with a titular Czech organist.
So far, Luxembourg organists have played under this scheme , which is subsidized by MusicEnterprise , in Cesky Krumlov (picture-book town in S. Bohemia) ; Havirov (near Ostrava); Slavonice (celebrated Renaissance town in S. Moravia) and Prague. MusicEnterprise wishes to thank the Czech agency TRIART MANAGEMENT ( for its assistance in this respect.

Laurent Felten

Born in 1976, Laurent Felten started his studies at the Luxembourg Conservatory where he obtained several first prizes (organ , harpsichord, harmony, counterpoint, fugue), He continued his training at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels under Jean Ferrard and Xavier Deprez, where he again received several first prizes. He has regularly taken part in masterclasses given by Jean Boyer, Gillian Weir, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Harald Vogel and Oliver Latry. Laurent is titular organist in Luxembourg Cents , St,.Martin’s in Dudelange and Junglinster. He has taught in a music school since 2000.. He has given concerts as soloist and as the organist in various ensembles and choirs in Luxembourg and abroad.


Marketa Schley-Reindlova

Marketa Schley-Reindlova was born in Pilsen in 1975. She studied at the Academy there, the Prague Academy for Performing Arts and the Hochschule für Kirchenmusik in Heidelberg. She has won a numher of international prizes,including in Bruges, Tokyo and Dudelange. In 2009 she recorded Czech organ music of the 19th and 20th centuries. She plays frequently in various European countries and is often invited to jury service. She also teaches in the Pilsen Bishopric and conducts the Bamberg Madrigal choir in her town of residence.


Paul Kayser

Paul Kayser was born in Luxembourg in 1979. He studied violin, solfège and the organ at the Conservatory there. He went on to study church music, organ and organ improvisation in Frankfurt and Berlin. He has worked with Daniel Roth, Martin Lücker and Wolfgang Seifen. He regularly plays solo recitals in Luxembourg, Germany , France and Spain, as well as takes part in chamber music. Paul Kayser is the titular organist of two churches and teaches organ improvisation and harmony in Luxembourg music schools.


Nikola Eckertova

Nikola Eckertova was born near Prague. She started with flute and piano at a music school; later she studied organ at the Prague Conservatory. She continued her organ studies at the Conservatoire du Nord in Luxembourg (Diplome supérieur) and finished with a Master of Music at The Royal Academy of Music in London. Among her teachers were: Irena Chribkova, Josef Popelka, Maurice Clement, Lionell Rogg and Susan Landale. Nikola took part in a recording of Mahler’s 4th Symphony (arrangement for chamber orchestra) as a harmonium player under the direction of Trevor Pinnock in 2011. After some years as resident organist, piano and theory teacher at Vianden (Luxembourg), she moved to Prague where she now works as a music teacher and continues her concert career.


Hana Bartošová

Hana Bartosova is a leading Czech organist and an active champion of Czech music abroad, She studied at the Brno Conservatory and Janacek Academy for the Performing Arts. The focus of her repertoire is Czech music from baroque to modern, particularly by Czech composers.She likes to play on historic instruments and has performed in almost all European countries as well as Russia and the USA. She has made recordings for Czech and foreign radio and TV, including CD recordings. She takes great interest in young organists and is a member of competition juries. She has many years' experience as the artistic director of the international Brno organ festival.


Rudolf Müller
Born in 1977 in Würzburg, Germany, Rudolf Müller started his musical education at the age of five, and organ lessons at the age of 13. He went on to study at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main and concluded his studies with a degree in church music , a Master’s degree in musical performance and a further degree in solo performance. He has also attended master classes on improvisation held by Thierry Escaich, Hans Gebhard, Wolfgang Seifen, Peter Planyavsky and others. Rudolf Müller has won a number of prizes at international organ competitions, among them first prize and audience prize at the International Bach Competition in Wiesbaden and the International Competition for organ improvisation in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Müller took up the post of organist at Mariannhill Monastery Church in 1994. Concert work has taken him to prestigious music festivals in Italy, Israel and South Africa. CD recordings (Priory Records, Rondeau Production).

Pavel Černý
The organist, teacher and organologist Pavel Černý is often invited to participate in concerts taking place at renowned concert halls at home (Prague Spring, FOK, Czech Philharmonic, Janáček’s May and various others) as well as in other European countries, the USA, Japan, Brazil, Africa or Cuba. He holds classes at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague and the Janáček Academy of Musical Arts in Brno. He has also been a jury member at various organ contests. His first prize in the Opava organ contest (1990), as well as in Ljubljana (1992) and Prague Spring (1994) have gained attention. Pavel Černý records CDs for radio and TV. He is the creator of a radio series about the organ. At special occasions he performs on a mobile choir organ made by an unknown Czech master of the 18th century, which he has himself restored under expert supervision in the Netherlands. Pavel Černý works as a musical counsellor of various international festivals. He site on specialized comittees for the building, repair and documentation of organs, publishes scholarly articles and promets historical instruments in the Czech Republic.

Marek Vrábel
(born in 1973) is one of the most important Slovak organists. He studied organ and piano at the Conservatory in Košice and organ at the Academy for Performing Arts in Bratislava. He followed courses on interpretation with Jean Gillou, Susan Landale and Reitze Smits. He has appeared in more than 150 recitals at home and abroad, and recorded 8 CDs.He is also an accomplished chamber music player and has often premiered works by Slovak composera. As a teacher, he is active at the Church Conservatory and the Academy for the Performing Arts in Bratislava. He founded the Bratislava Organ Festival in 2012.



PAVEL KOHOUT - concert and recording artist.

KATERINA CHROBOKOVA - A very special artist!


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